Beginner to indoor cycling

Hi guys,

Absolute novice here. I’m looking to try and get into cycling/zwift for weight loss. No motivation to go to the gym, been there done that. I was thinking of getting an exercise bike at home and thought like most things the novelty would wear off.

So I stumbled across indoor cycling and zwift (and the rest). I think this would keep me motivated and something that would benefit me.

At the minute I have nothing no bike or anything. On a bit of a budget, what would people’s recommendations be to set this up?

I am stuck between getting a spin bike and linking with zwift and buying a road bike and getting a smart trainer. Or just splashing out for a smart bike although living in Northern Ireland options are limited.

All advice welcome.

Welcome Chris.

Smart bikes is super expensive, ie not in my price class. :frowning:

Spinning bikes cant connect to zwift directly, you will need power meter pedals and the bike wont be able to control the resistance you will have to do it manually.

So I don’t know about your budget but here goes.

Option one: If you don’t plan to ride outside ever, get a used bike and get a smart trainer.

Option two: If you plan to ride outside, get a nice bike and a cheap trainer.

You want to spend the money on the item you are going to use most.


If I hadn’t been a cyclist before and had a nice bike, I would have gone the smart bike route. No way I’m riding in the roads anymore. I’m a virtual cyclist, done.

I have a Tacx Neo smart trainer and absolutely love it. I ride nearly every day. Again, if I didn’t already have a nice bike, I’d have bought the Tacx Smart Bike. By the time you added everything up, bike, smart trainer, gadgets, computer, cellphone,… The smart bike is a great investment. Especially if you’ll not be riding on the real road.

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Thanks guys, after hours of searching and getting nowhere I bit the bullet and bought a brand new road bike and went for Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer.

Any experience with this trainer?