Smart trainer under $300

I have a basic turbo trainer with garmin sensors and I’m kind of outgrowing it (power tops out at about 400 to 500w so I can’t sprint on it, I get filtered out in Zwiftpower races, etc).

I’m a bit nervous spending $900 or so for a direct drive trainer when that seems more than I need or can afford at this point. Was wondering if anyone found a decent smart trainer in the 200 to 300 dollar range that might be a good stepping stone for me? I’m in the US so would love a seller from there to help cover any potential warranty issues. I found some good prices in Europe but was told the warranty wouldn’t be honored.


I have a Tacx Flow Smart and I am happy with it.
Only downside is that it does make A LOT of noise while sprinting.

I paid €240 for a it in a local bike shop in Belgium.

Just don’t expect the same experience as a €1000 device.

I think it is the cheapest smart trainer available that has full zwift support. I have been using it for 3 winters pretty intensive.

shop used like craigs list if you live near a big city or ebay. Just do your research on the model so you know its weaknesses.

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