Cheap Bike Trainer

I’m new to this (thought I do have a treadmill and run in Watopia a lot) biking in Zwift. I want to start out cheap and ease into it. I was wondering if anyone knows if the ( Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel for Road Bike) works with Zwift. I would add the Wahoo cadence and speed sensor too to the setup. I’d add the link to Amazon but wasn’t sure if the forum would allow links so I put the full text title.

My other option is to buy a used Tacx Satori but Zwift’s help page has a lot of red Xs for things it doesn’t do. Any thoughts on this device?

I use(d) the Tacx Satori.

It is a Smart(ish) trainer in that it broadcast watts/power to Zwift, but it is not controllable (you can manually control it). In the past I have compared the watts between the Satori and my 4iiii power meter and they are close, but start to drift apart more at higher watts (don’t remember which way).

I still use the Satori, but get my power and cadence from my 4iiii.

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Tacx flux are going for about 150 on ebay at the moment, god trainer for price and a smart trainer

Yep, i found one on FB Marketplace for $150. I got nervous buying it with all those red Xs but you guys believe it’s a good intro trainer so that is great to hear.

Hi touch wood I have used one for the last 2 years with no issues,

Awesome. good to hear positive feedback. I haven’t bought it yet. The guy doesn’t come back in town till Sunday. Until then, will be using my spin bike with Wahoo sensors.

After reading reviews, both by users and “professional sites” I’m confused and afraid to pull the trigger. The Tracx seems to have a reputation for breaking. So now I’m unsure if I should get it. Or go with a Wahoo Kickr Snap (more expensive but seems reliable) or just ease into things with a cheap dumb trainer and see what I want to really do.

Hi your but if youget a trainer go for a direct driveso much better for training and accurate power output