Hi, I need advice on getting started please

Hi, newb here, I appreciate this is sort of a generic forum question but I’m after some advice before pulling the trigger on a purchase and signing up to a Zwift subscription.
I currently have a Tacx Satori which I don’t really use a lot, the drag from the rear wheel is annoying and nothing like real cycling (I mountain bike two or three times a week).
I was looking at buying a smart exercise bike but then I realised I could just sell my Satori and get a better turbo trainer, possibly a direct drive one with the hope they are much more realistic.
Reading up there’s lots to choose from, a cheaper Elite Muin but one review said it doesn’t do inclines something on those lines.
I guess that’s my question, what trainer will allow me to fully appreciate the Zwift experience without breaking the bank and feel like I’m pedalling through sludge lol.
The Tacx Neo is on a very small shortlist at the moment along with the Elite Muin but I’m a bit confused which way I should go.
Budget would be under £500, less if possible :wink:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s a standard reference on the current trainer market: The Smart Trainer Recommendations Guide: Winter 2019-2020

Hi Martyn,
I think the Tacx Neo would be more than £500 but it would possibly be the only trainer you would have to buy. The Neo is more like £1100 unless you get a deal.
I have seen them for £900 I think. You might be able to get it on interest free or some payment plan.
I can’t really comment on the other models you mention as I have had no experience of them.
I have seen Elite’s Drivo 1 close to your £500 but have never used them.
The Wahoo Kicker (base model) is also close to your upper budget but again have not used one.
Happy hunting.

Thanks for the replies, I think the Neo is used on Ebay not new.
I’ll check out that guide.

Do not buy the Elite Muin; its a crock of…