Tacx vs Hub

I currently have a Tacx Satori trainer and a Garmin 800, I am going to start using Zwift with a PC and monitor , my question is , Will it be worth spending £450.00 on the Zwift Hub or will the Tacx setup work not as well but will still do a good job ?
Many thanks

Any direct drive trainer will be a far better experience than your current wheel on offering.

The job is a nice little trainer but there are many issues as you’ll maybe have read. The manufacturing quality assurance doesn’t seem to be excelling as many arrive wonky or bent.
Failure rate is rising with reports of loud noises and finally updating the firmware seems like playing Russian roulette.

That said as it’s a Zwift product then naturally there’ll be more posts about it than any other trainer and the likes of Wahoo, Elite and Garmin all have their own issues.

You might be lucky and never have an issue with it.

Thanks for your comments Stuart, what’s the after sales service like ?

I’ve no experience personally. You see people on here saying they struggle to get a response but generally the Zwift staff that monitor these forums are able to offer a solution.

If you can go direct drive I’d stongly suggest you do. it’s just such a better experience across the board. I started with a wheel on trainer and upgraded to the direct drive and couldn’t be happier.
The Hub is generally a good unit and a bit cheaper than the competition from wahoo or tacx.

Thanks for all the input guys, will look into spending some money !

If £450 is the budget, I would also consider used direct drive trainers such as the Saris H3 or Elite Direto XR. This is a good time of year to pick up used trainers. I’ve seen barely used Diretos going for less than the price of the Hub, and those trainers are more mature in terms of firmware updates, availability of repair parts, and compatibility with more bikes. Compare on eBay or your local resale websites.

If I were you, seeing as you have a trainer already, i’d use that initially, see how you get on with zwift and then upgrade if you like it.*

*spoiler alert - You will!

Just remember to calibrate the wheel on trainer every time you jump on zwift. Make sure the tire pressure is the same and you’ve tightened the roller against the wheel the same way every time. wheel on trainers are notoriously hard to keep accurately calibrated.