Which Trainer

 HI Im looking at getting a turbo trainer for the winter months and like the idea of Zwift and a trainer


Im looking at 2 options 


Eltite Turbo Muin II fluid Direct Drive or the 

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer 


What are people views between these models, I now on the elite this is direct drive, so I would need to buy a cassette and I believe a smart Chip also??


and for the Tacx - I would need a training tyre and the Ant Chip


am I missing anything here?


Check out the Trainer reviews by DC Rainmaker and Shane Miller. I wouldn’t buy either of these as I don’t think power accuracy is that good on either of these 2 models. If you can afford it get a direct drive / wheel off trainer. They’re smoother and usually don’t require a spindown every ride. With a wheel on smart trainer you have to warm them up for 10 minutes and then do a spindown. Required for every ride to get any sort of power accuracy.

Trainer’s connect to Zwift either with ANT+ or Bluetooth smart. You’ll need an ANT+ dongle if you’re hooking up to a computer. You can use your smart phone to connect with Bluetooth smart. 

ok thanks for info, so what trainers would you recommend for 300-400e so 


the best reviews are dc rainmaker and shane miller.

go with smart trainer if you got the money

used even better than unist with trainer tire

have a look at shane’s review of the Wahoo Snap.  I bought it after watching it and very happy with it.