Advice on Wheel on Trainer Upgrade

I currently have a Tacx Vortex which works OK but would like sell this to upgrade to a better wheel on trainer. I do not want a direct drive due the costs and the rigmarole of swapping out back wheel etc.

Is the Kickr Snap a better option for Zwift and would I notice much difference. Also advice on what you think is the best wheel on smart trainer wound be much appreciated.

I would like the trainer to feel more realistic up hills.

Happy Zwifting!

Check out

The guide has every kind of trainer you can imagine from wheel on to wheel off so you can check out the various price points and if they are any good.


My wife and I recently bought smart trainers, hers is the Tacx Flow and mine is the Kickr snap. I always rode mine but tried hers one day and there is a big difference. I think the heavy fly wheel on the Kickr snap makes it feel more realistic. I’m not putting down the Tacx Flow but I personally think the Kickr snap is a much better trainer.

Thanks for you reply. Looks like I will get a Kickr Snap when I get round to selling the Vortex which has served me well. It works great but want to try the next level up without forking out loads on money for a Direct Drive which I will get if I win the lottery :slight_smile:

Kickr Snap owner for about 16 months and still a big fan. Be sure to get a trainer tire and you’ll want to perform a spindown before every ride to ensure accurate numbers.

The direct drive is the better option all around but if cost is the overriding factor, the Snap will totally meet your needs.