Advice on smart trainer

I’m currently using a dumb fluid trainer for zwift. I prefer wheel-on trainer, to keep cost and setup to a minimum. I’ve looked at many of the fluid/magnetic smart trainers and wondering if anyone has recommendations for a budget friendly setup (<600) which will still be on par for group rides and occasional race. I’m finding the disparity between my fluid trainer and friends smart trainer is significant.

Hi @G_YE, welcome to the forums. I’m a Wahoo fan so I would suggest the Kickr Snap wheel on trainer. Not as accurate as a direct drive smarty trainer, but should be better than what you have.

REI has them on sale right now (if in stock), here is a list of the deals:

The Snap, Saris M2 or the Elite Tuo are the most known wheel on smart trainers. I believe all are on sale. The Snap is probably the best but check Craigslist or Ebay and look for used ones. I sold my 1st gen Snap last summer for $250 so it is a way to save a few $$. Or even look for Direct Drive unit used…just about any DD is better than the best wheel-on unit.

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