Need a trainer upgrade, should I spend the $$$ on a smart one?

I currently have a Qubo Elite Fluid Trainer that I use with my bikes power meter to Zwift. This thing sucks. It is super hard to get my bike lined up properly on it and it often feels like I am leaning.

I don’t really need a smart trainer since I have a power mete but the thought of wheel off sounds so nice.

Any suggestions on a trainer upgrade?

It depend on what power meter you have on your bike , if it is a Crank, Pedal or crank arm based powermeter you can get a nice cheap direct drive trainer because you don’t need to rely on accurate power measurement.

If you have a power meter in your wheel hub, then I would stay with a wheel on trainer Or you have to spend a lot of $$$ to get a accurate direct drive trainer.

It’s a quarq spider based meter so I am pretty happy with it power wise. What would you consider a cheap direct drive trainer worth spending money on?

This is a hard question. I would read the DcRainmaker trainer reviews to find something that won’t break the bank.

Are smart (controllable) trainers worth investing in? Absolutely, an unqualified yes. I used an old wheel-on fluid trainer w/ Zwift for about a year, then switched to an Elite Direto. The difference in the Zwift experience is night/day.

Re: which to buy? Well, one man’s idea of ‘cheap’ is another man’s GTFO!

Second what Gerrie said above about DCRainmaker. Check the latest trainer shootout.

I’ve been really happy with my Direto. I’ve had it ~ 15 months and it’s been very reliable. The first belt wore out about a month ago (after >5000 virtual miles) and I got a free replacement from Elite in under a week.

The Wahoo Kickr Core is another solid choice.