Beginner question Re smart trainer

Hi all,
Apologies if this is has been asked before.
I’m completely new to indoor training and looking at getting my first smart trainer… So far it looks like the Wahoo Kickr Snap is leading my list but with so many options seeing what others recommend. I have a budget of sub $1000Aud so know it will be a wheel on trainer.
Any help would be fantastic.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Matt_Tanner

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I can’t give you the answer. But this may help

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I bought a super nice hammer cyclops direct drive for way under $1000US. I still see Hammer H2 on sale occasionally for under $1000US. I guess it depends on country availability.
If you only want to do solo rides or maybe some group rides a wheel on trainer is more than adequate but if you think might want to try racing a direct drive is the way to go. More accurate and no fiddling with tire pressure and roller tension.

The elite suito appears to be just over $1k Australian. Probably the least expensive direct drive and bonus if you have an 11 speed setup on your bike.

I went from a wheel on to the suito and it’s worth the extra $$$.

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