Which smart trainer?

Which smart trainer should i buy?

Tacx Flux, Bkool Smart Trainer Pro 2 or Wahoo Kickr Snap?

What is your budget Matjaz?

600 €

I’d go with a direct drive unit, the Tacx Flux seems to fit the bill and as is highly regarded.

I ride a Wahoo Kickr 2 Direct Drive and found it to be built to take punishment but I’m going off on a tangent the Kickr DD is a little more than you want to pay - but would it be worthwhile getting the extra Euros?

Others may have an opinion on this?

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Mr. Hozjan -

I agree with Paul. My household has two smart trainers sitting side by side in our pain cave. I have the Tacx Flux and my wife-e-poo has the Wahoo Snap (newest version).  Although both units have their benefits, the Tacx Flux direct drive unit is so much easier to work with and use with Zwift. Pay the bucks (or euros) and get a direct drive unit. In the long run you will be much happier even if you do have to take your rear wheel off to get going!

Cheers, Mike


I have just got a JetBlack Whisper Driver Smart trainer. Very good indeed and pretty quiet.