which smart trainer

(William Dawes) #1

im looking at getting a smart trainer as im loving zwift but want the more complete experiance . ivejust sold my old carbon frame and have £250-£300 to spend . ive had a good look at the options available to me and there seems to be 3 within budget . the three contenders are tacx vortex smart , elite qubo digital smart B+ and the elite realtour smart B+.


can anyone recommend where i would be best spending my money? at the moment i use an elite novo force and love the elastogel roller as i do not use a dedicated tyre or spare wheel.  which of these trainers will give the best experiance.? 


at the moment im swinging towards the vortex but i keep getting dragged back to elites offerings especially the realtour. i would really appreciate any help:)

(William Dawes) #2

ive brought the vortex the price at wiggle was really good and they were selling fast so i jumped on it:) now just gotta wait for it to show up

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #3

+1 on the Vortex. For a third of the price of a KICKR it’s hard to beat. I’ve been using mine for a month or so and I love it.

(Jos a' Campo ODZ (B)) #4

Im new on a Elite Realtour B+ , it works great :slight_smile:

I personally think the biggest bang for the buck.
Before i had a Tacx and i found these too loud, and unstable.
The Elite does the job much better.

(R Gate ARCC) #5

Vortex Smart is the best value ANT+ FE-C option for the money.

(William Dawes) #6

Got my vortex smart today :)its great.  Spent an hour in zwift this evening and it was my best hour yet,  it turns what is a good experience into a fantastic experience.  Setup was a breeze. Cant believe I can get excited over getting on a turbo trainer but zwift + smart trainer certainly hits the spot.  

(Stephen Dixon) #7

Im looking at the vortex also, my question is where does the power reading come from? is it estimated or directly from the trainer? I am new to turbo trainers…

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #8

The power reading is coming from the trainer, not estimated. Compared to my power meter (Power2Max), my Vortex is fairly accurate until the wattages rise up above 250 watts or so. It starts to deviate a bit around that point, I’m guessing due to tire slippage on the roller. It’s still accurate enough to be very usable, it just starts drifting off of the number from my power meter.

(William Dawes) #9

It comes from the trainer 

(Ingo Knöll) #10

Which one you bought and whats your experience? My Qubo is way of on power readings. I have to go to double the watts on the trainer to get the watts i want on my Garmin Vector Powermeter… This might be good for Zwift as you have also high numbers there and lead the pack but bad for real live and workouts