Which Turbo Trainer

Hi i am looking to get a turbo trainer but need some adice,

i basically what something to use on Zwift so i can also lose weight and get fit, i am 132Kg

the ones i have been looking at is the Tacx Vortex or the Elite qubo Digital smart B+

there is another one i have seen is it Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer from halford, which is the qubo digital one on a Novo frame

so any advice on which would be better for a beginner and someone who is rather heavy.


I can’t say anything about the Elite, but the Tacx seems a bit light to me, especially given your weight. I suspect the same is true about the other trainers.

The cheaper trainers are pretty much limited in the amount of resistance they can deliver at low speeds, like going up a hill when you are heavy. They “fake it” by lowering your speed, but you won’t feel that - it just means you have to grind longer at the maximum resistance your trainer can deliver. A lot of the realisme of the trainers - and thus the fun - comes from the varying resistance at varying gradients. When everything above the 3% feels the same, it isn’t much fun. So I would recommend going at least for the Genius (when you get a Tacx wheel on trainer), or for a direct drive trainer with at least something like 1400 Watt resistance - if you have the money for it…

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Thanks yeah the elite one i was looking at has these specs

Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer Extra Info

  • Fully interactive magnetic trainer
  • Compatible with Zwift
  • Wireless communication via ANT+ & Bluetooth
  • Simulates slopes up to 6% with maximum resistance of 1,500 watts
  • Resistance at 40km/h is around 900 watts
  • Elastogel roller reduces noise by up to 50%, increases grip and reduces tyre wear
  • Includes a 12 month subscription to the Elite My E-Training App with a variety of training programmes & challenges and the ability to export your training ride directly to Strava for your friends to see.
  • Requires a power source for smart functionality to operate


What Bertram said … +1 … listen to him carefully

Buy the best trainer you may afford … otherwise be ready for some disappointment => In short - your experience will not be what you have expected …

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