Elite qubo smart b+ or tacx bushido smart

(S Schwendener) #1

Where I live these trainers all cost a bit more. As such I am cost sensitive. However, I have reviewed the specs and have concluded that the bushido is a better consideration than the vortex.

Now, can someone please tell me the positives and negatives of each? I figure the watts on the qubo smart are acceptible, as I dont expect to ride above 700 watts mostly. Is there a video which shows the qubo smart coasting on downhill? I have read the bushido will not coast, but this doesnt affect the gameplay, it just makes the experience less real. How much coasting does it offer, a few seconds max?

For both, qubo smart and bushido, can zwift control the resistance of the trainer? I read an amazon review which said the qubo must in fact be manually changed for resistance. is this true?

(Vince Kim🤖 [WKG]) #2

i can only comment on elite qubo as i had it for a short time before. i returned it because i could not calibrate it for the life of me. (maybe it was a defective unit) regarding coasting, any set up will coast downhill, but it u r talking about freewheeling, it pretty much won’t (flywheel is too small) so when u stop pedaling u stop pretty qwick. also, it is not very stable as it is a light unit. and it made a squeaking noise especially at higher speeds. in short i do not recoomend the elite qubo. btw, it is not interactive meaning zwift app cant control resistance.

(S Schwendener) #3

I received the Qubo and I have been able to calibrate it using the myEtraining app. It seems when you use the advanced settings for calibration and when you choose custom P values, the menu always shows the default configuration. When I input my own values and submit them, it does sync, but it seems to not be viewable in the app. Zwift will respond to these changes.

Actually the Qubo only has a 6% grade. I believe that Zwift is controlling this resistence, but in zwift I have seen 7-10% grades, which the trainer cannot simulate. So actually it provides a great workout and connects to zwift as smart and provides minimum feedback. In Japan, my region, the elite direto can be bought used for 800 usd, or new for around 1100 usd. I found this to be too expensive so I got the qubo for about 400 usd and am happy. However, if I was able to get a direto new for 800 usd, thats probably worth it