Zwift making trainer less efficient?

Hi all! When I use my Tacx Flux 2 on the Tacx app or even just when I’m not connected at all and just using it as a normal trainer. Using it then, the resistance of the trainer on peddling is a fair bit.

But strangely enough, when I log onto Zwift, all but the lowest gear has no resistance and its like I’m peddling against air. I’ve checked for updates and calibrated it with the Tacx app just last week!

Like this trainer and love Zwift, really want to be able to use more gears and get more out of it! Any and all suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

Is your trainer paired to Zwift as ‘Controllable’? Are you connecting via Bluetooth and it’s still connected to the Tacx app?

In Zwift, there is a setting called “Trainer Difficulty” that is set to 50% by default. Perhaps this setting is affecting the resistance in zwift vs the resistance in the Tacx app.

That doesn’t have any effect on the flat and only alters the simulation of gradients.

Hi guys - all great info, yes it is being controlled, but I’m neither connected to the Tacx app during this, nor my bike computer; it’s just on Zwift. Great point about the “trainer difficulty” although as Steve mentioned, it doesn’t really affect more flat parts of the game.

But still, thanks so much, any more ideas? Keep them coming!:smiley: