Smart trainers resistance

Sorry for lengthy message.
Recently moved to a smart trainer (Tacx Flow- a cheap and cheerful option), to mimic a more realistic ride. I set the ‘wheel on’ correctly so there is no slippage, but not too tight and have the trainer resistance at mid-point in zwift settings. I’m struggling to get over 200w consistently when on a 0% gradient (and going downhill). It feels difficult to move through the gears and it actually feels as if I’m going uphill. I try to get a sprint on to get over 3/400w, but the resistance feels like it’s tightening the quicker I go and unable to maintain for even the shortest of periods. Is this normal? Anyone have similar problems and do I need to do anything. I read something about calibrating the trainer before use, but not sure how to do that. The trainer mimics up to 800w/6%. When going up a hill appx 10% or more then my max speed is around 4mph and regardless of pedalling harder/faster the speed still remains around 4 or 5 mph. Finding it all very frustrating and doesn’t feel like real life at all, especially on the downhill slopes. Any help appreciated. Btw, got pretty strong legs so it ain’t to do with owning a pair of sparrows legs :joy::+1:

I have a wahoo trainer but quickly googled and there is a tacx app. this what you would use to calibrate your trainer - it is actually important to do this. your specific trainer says it only supports gradient up to 6%…Im not sure how that plays with zwift “trainer difficulty” as there are many grades in game greater than 6%. trying bringing trainer difficulty down to zero to see how the trainer behaves. but first calibrate the trainer.

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Thanks Kevin. Really appreciate the feedback.

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Hi Christian , i have a tacx flow and had similar problems when i started . I was also running my garmin 520 at the same time . Download the taxc app and it shows you how to calibrate . I removed my garmin but I am using an ANT + and I also close down the tacx app once zwift has paired my devices , I also run the trainer difficulty at 50% and since doing that I have had no problems with the taxc . I can feel the inclines/declines kicking in straight away . Had no problems since , even got over 400watts last night . Just keep playing about with it and have a look on youtube for video tips on tacx flow pairing etc

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Tony you mention “I also run the trainer difficulty at 50%” where is this setting? Is it in Tacx app or on Zwift?

Hi Simon , it’s on zwift . Once you have paired up on zwift go into your settings. Any problem check out GPLAMA on you tube. He has a video on it :+1: