Trainer difficulty issue

Is anyone else having issues with the trainer difficulty setting. I have a Tacx Flux Smart. Recently, when going up hills the resistance seems to lessen while going down hill the resistance seems to increase. The resistance seems to change opposite the gradient changes. It’s very strange. I’ve tried changing the trainer difficulty settings to various percentages but doesn’t seem to change anything except for when it’s turned off (0%). I thinkg turning it off seems to work like it should. So I have it turned off so now until I can figure out what’s going on.

Did you pair your trainer as controllable Fe-c

yup of course

With that description your smart trainer work like a dumb trainer when trainer difficulty is set to 0%. Did you paired power source and cadence sensor too. All need to be fe-c devices paired.

power/speed paired to power meter
controllsble trainer paired to flux smart

I have the Wahoo Snap and had the same problem A couple days ago. I was riding Innsbruck and during the steap climb I didn’t feel the resistance change. As soon as hit the downhill portion I had a ton of resistance. Also, my ride didn’t download to Strava. I rode 11 miles and Zwift only gave me credit for 3.1