no variable resistance on smart trainer

I have a kinetic road machine with smart control, but I don’t experience variable resistance when the terrain changes. What am I doing wrong?

I am experiencing the same thing in my trial on a 2010/2011 wired Elite Realaxiom trainer.

Check the trainer difficulty setting. I had the same problem initially. For some reason the trainer difficulty was set to 0, though I don’t think had messed with it before. I suggest 50%.

Same thing on Tacx Flow, plus speed is way off 240wats 2mph??

Same, Powerbeam Pro and resistance is turned up to 100%.

There is a WIDE range of reasons you may not be feeling resistance, so it’s very likely not the same issue for each of you. Check the points below, then submit a ticket if you still have issues.

  1. Make sure your resistance slider isn’t all the way to the left. In-game Menu > Settings > Trainer Difficulty
  2. Make sure you have the same items paired for both Power and Controllable Trainer. You should NOT be paired under the Speed menu.
  3. If you have more than one trainer choice under Power/CT, try pairing to a different one; some choices reflect older protocols that don’t work properly (e.g. Tacx Pwr, Elite Pwr, etc.)
  4. Make sure you’re not running any other cycling software at the same time as Zwift as this can hijack the trainer.

There are other possibilities, so if those don’t solve the problem, submit a ticket at

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More specifically, my issue is that the resistance of the trainer seems to be stuck at a higher level, and as the percent grade changes to less or more, there is no change in the level of resistance up or down.

Same thing for me with my Cyclops trainer. All of a sudden ( last three rides)  I am not feeling the resistance going up nor the release going down. My kph drops and I’m maintaining steady cadence. I check to see if ERG mode was on (through workout screen at menu)  - and it was not. From what I read it ‘sounds’ like I’m in ERG mode…PLEASE I just want to know how to get back to the feel that my trainer had prior - the real (virtual) life  experience…lol Any pointers welcome. Thank you.