Change resistance (watts) during ride to follow decent / ascent

(Pascal Gielen NEO) #1

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Pascal,

I’m not sure I understand your post? We do this with Smart Trainers already; we adjust the resistance and speed depending during grade changes.

(Pascal Gielen NEO) #3

Hi, it seems the resistance in not changing at my Tacx NEO when up or downhill biking… only the rider goes faster or slower… What can I do?

(Martin Bjorgvik Sz) #4

Update your firmware? Download the “Tacx Utility” app to your phone/tablet and make sure you got the latest firmware installed. The Neo should have the best roadlike feel so if i´t not working with bigger resistans in hills and coasting downhill the must be someting not working as it should on your Neo.


(Carl Nolan) #5

Tacx apps have a habit of hanging onto the trainer preventing Zwift from be able to control the resistance. Ensure you have correctly closed all iOS Tacx Apps and leave the turbo unplugged for a few minutes. Have hit this issue a few times.

(Pascal Gielen NEO) #6

Ok I will check this Carl… I just checked firmware; fully up to date!

Hopefully it works… having the best gear should let me benefit as well…

(Carl Nolan) #7

Just make sure you do this:

Otherwise the Bluetooth connection will not go away.

(Pascal Gielen NEO) #8

Pffff still not working… bit frustrating… what can I do?

Did reset and canceled all the other links to my Neo… still no resistance change in hilly conditions…

Do I need to change some settings at the Swift setup?

(Eric Oshlo) #9

Are you doing a workout Free Ride or are you “just riding” when you sign in. Zwift will not change a smart trainer’s resistance in response to course grade if any sort of workout is active. 

(Pascal Gielen NEO) #10

I found the issue; I had the trainer hooked up, but not the CONTROLLABLE Trainer! Now all is fine!

(Gert-Jan Krabbendam) #11

What’s the difference between the two?

I have the same problem with my updated i-Genius (which is now Smart). Furthermore I get very low watt readings from the trainer, als in 80-90% lower as I would normally get. Can anyone tell me how to solve that?