Change resistance (watts) during ride to follow decent / ascent

Hi Pascal,

I’m not sure I understand your post? We do this with Smart Trainers already; we adjust the resistance and speed depending during grade changes.

Hi, it seems the resistance in not changing at my Tacx NEO when up or downhill biking… only the rider goes faster or slower… What can I do?

Update your firmware? Download the “Tacx Utility” app to your phone/tablet and make sure you got the latest firmware installed. The Neo should have the best roadlike feel so if i´t not working with bigger resistans in hills and coasting downhill the must be someting not working as it should on your Neo.


Tacx apps have a habit of hanging onto the trainer preventing Zwift from be able to control the resistance. Ensure you have correctly closed all iOS Tacx Apps and leave the turbo unplugged for a few minutes. Have hit this issue a few times.

Ok I will check this Carl… I just checked firmware; fully up to date!

Hopefully it works… having the best gear should let me benefit as well…

Just make sure you do this:

Otherwise the Bluetooth connection will not go away.

Pffff still not working… bit frustrating… what can I do?

Did reset and canceled all the other links to my Neo… still no resistance change in hilly conditions…

Do I need to change some settings at the Swift setup?

Are you doing a workout Free Ride or are you “just riding” when you sign in. Zwift will not change a smart trainer’s resistance in response to course grade if any sort of workout is active. 

I found the issue; I had the trainer hooked up, but not the CONTROLLABLE Trainer! Now all is fine!

What’s the difference between the two?

I have the same problem with my updated i-Genius (which is now Smart). Furthermore I get very low watt readings from the trainer, als in 80-90% lower as I would normally get. Can anyone tell me how to solve that?