Training difficulty problems

I have a tacx flux 2 and always set training difficulty on max.
During my last ride I didn’t feel the climbs, as if training difficulty was off.
Anyone any ideas how this could happen and how to fix it?

Check when you launch Zwift that the “controllable” box is active.

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Ok thanks. I will check it!

No thatbis not the problem.controlable is paired. Anu other ideas?

If you are using Bluetooth make sure any other Bluetooth devices are off or not paired to your trainer, like a head unit for example. It could be that your trainer is connecting with something else before Zwift can connect to it. A good idea would be to make sure that nothing else is running in the background that might be connecting to your trainer. There was recently an update to Zwift so make sure you have that as well.

Maybe give us an idea of your setup? Trainer type, app platform, communication method, …