Gradient difficulty settings

Hi, re the gradient difficulty settings - I swore in the past I’d seen a setting on Zwift or the companion app that allowed me to change the difficulty of gradient (e.g. 50%) but I can’t see it anywhere on Zwift now. Am I just imagining this and is the only place it can be changed is in the app for the turbo trainer, in my case Tacx? Thanks in advance, Nick

Under the settings option in game, trainer difficulty slider:


Thanks Ian!

However I don’t seem to have that option, here’s what I see when I click on settings during a ride (also tried it when not on a ride)

That happened to me one time as well. For some reason, my trainer stopped pairing as Controllable on the front screen. Once I solved that (the next time I logged into Zwift, I repaired it to the trainer), that solved the issue for me.

That’s not to say your situation will be the same, but that was my experience.

Hi @Nick_Harper1, is your smart trainer paired as a “controllable trainer” in the pairing screen? I’m asking this because the“Trainer Difficulty” option is only visible when paired as “controllable”. For more helpful information about this option please, review this article..

Would you mind give a try and let us know if this help to solve the issue?

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Just to add one more tip, there is no more “Controllable” on the pairing screen. It has been renamed “Resistance”. The “Controls” option on the pairing screen is for steering devices.