Not much gear change on the hills?

Using a TACX Neo with Zwift.
I find I don’t need to change gear much when the gradient changes.
If I pedal at the same cadence in the same gear, and the gradient changes, I feel the resistance get more, so the software is controlling the machine ok. However it also slows the virtual speed down even if I keep the cadence and the gear the same. Is this correct.
I know the software creates a virtual speed from weight etc, but should it not translate that to resistance on the trainer to make me change gear like I would in the real world.
With gradients say from -6 to +6 I certainly don’t need my normal full cassette of gears or even the second chain ring.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

What is your trainer difficulty set to?

Are your weight set correctly.

You can try to set the trainer difficulty to 100%

EDIT: What James said. ^^^

Weight is correct at 80kg
Not sure where to alter the ‘difficulty level’ is that on Zwift or the Tacx app ?
I’m guessing that just alters the way the machine behaves rather than slowing the watts to distance on zwift down.

Trainer difficulty will let your trainer produce more braking resistance when going up.

A good place to test is the Watopia Hilly Route

Are you, by any chance, doing a Zwift workout when this happens?

Thanks Gerrie - the second video explains it fully for me.

Thanks Nigel,
no, only referring to normal riding.
I know workouts are different and enjoy using them

Definitely sounds like a Trainer Difficulty issue, then. Keep us posted.