Strange behaviour using my Tacx Neo 2


I have noticed 2 things which may be settings I have wrong or a bug within Zwift

  1. on a decline of -1 to -3 my avatar comes to a stop
  2. I am at cadence 85 and holding on a flat I hit a 1 incline and maintain my cadence, my wattage goes up but my speed goes down how if I am in the same gear doing same cadence do I lose speed



Where is the ‘Difficulty’ slider (another hot topic of discussion) set? If it is, for example, set at the default of 50% your -1% to -3% gradient is really -0.5% to -1.5%, and you might come to a stop on that sort of grade (especially if at the low end).

The second item may be related to the first. If the difficulty slider is at anything less than 100% it could be possible that the same gear and cadence could result in a loss of speed on an incline, as the additional wattage you are putting out may not actually be enough to overcome the change in game incline. At 100% I would think this to not be true, as IRL going the same cadence in the same gear should result in you travelling at the same speed, just with a need for higher wattage output to overcome the gradient. But if the difficulty slider is at 50% (again, just for sake of example, and presuming you are on a smart trainer) and you hit a gradient of 4%, your trainer only adds the resistance of a 2% gradient. In a case like this, the additional resistance needed to maintain the same cadence in the same gear on a 2% grade, which is the feedback to the trainer, would definitely result in a reduction in speed for the in-game gradient of 4%.

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