Pedalling and bike speed

I’ve noticed this a few times. I’m using a Tacx T2.
If I’m riding along, say on the flat at a reasonable cadence and arrive at an incline, without changing gears but maintaining the same cadence, my speed dramatically drops. If I try pedalling considerably faster, again without changing gears, it has little or no effect on speed. What is going on?
I thought my trainer and Zwift were smart enough to give me reasonably correct feedback.

You should feel the trainer increasing resistance, does this happen?
If you don’t increase power and go up a hill you will slow do, the same as would happen in real life.

You need to pair your trainer as power and controllable.

Yes, I do feel an increase in resistance. But the issue is about considerable ‘road’ speed decrease even though pedalling speed increases.

Yes, paired.

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If you increase your cadence how much does the power change, going up take a lot more power to maintain the same speed.

Also check that your trainer difficulty is set to 100%

I think I managed to find you on the companion app.

Is this one of your rides? Your power doesn’t increase in line with the gradient change and so I’d expect your speed to drop considerably.

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Gerrie, there is a slight change in power reading, certainly. Difficulty is set to 100%

But if I stay, for example, in the 16 tooth ring and maintain cadence and hit an incline, my indicated speed drops dramatically.

Zwift works on power, if you maintain the same power and go up hill your speed will decrease.

based on your ride logs your power doesn’t increase as you go uphill so i would expect your speed to drop.

If you are in the big ring in front and the small gear at the back and you group a 6% climb it should be almost impossible to pedal, that much resistance will be on the trainer.

Check if some other device is not also connected to the trainer and trying to control it.

It sounds like it’s all working correctly except your trainer isn’t altering the resistance properly on gradients. Check that your weight is set correctly as well as the Controllable pairing.