Trainer difficulty pls advise

Hi, How can I increase the trainer difficulty (or tension)? There used to be a slider bar. When I started Zwift in 2021, I lowered the resistance and now I seem to be stuck with low resistance.

I’m assuming it’s disappeared from the settings menu in game?

That’s the only way to change it.

If it’s not there it implies your trainer isn’t paired. It doesn’t show if you’ve no trainer or the wrong kind of trainer paired.

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Make sure your trainer is paired as Controllable. Then the Trainer Difficulty slider should show up.


Thanks! I clicked on Controllable and now I’ve got the slider back in settings. But I don’t feel any difference in difficulty since moving the slider to Max.

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It will only affect resistance on hills. Greater Trainer Difficulty will make climbs feel harder and descents feel easier. On level ground it won’t do anything. If you need more resistance on level ground there are other options we can discuss. Test it on a climb. Go partway up the climb, stop and and change Trainer Difficulty. See what happens.

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