Trainer difficulty setting is now gone

The ability to change the trainer difficulty is now missing from settings. Please bring it back.

If you don’t have a smart trainer paired the setting will not be shown, make sure your trainer is paired correctly.

It was paired.

Was it paired correctly though? Post an image of the pairing and we’ll be able to help I’m sure.

Also give full details of the equipment you are using.

Setting is still there for me

It must be paired correctly. I just did a one hour ride. My HRM and Zwift Play paddles were also functioning properly. I have a Direto Elite. I checked the settings at the beginning, middle, and end of the ride. It was never there at any time during my ride. Been Zwifting for over a year. It used to be there. I have changed it there in the past. It is not there now.

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Can you post a screenshot of your pairing screen? The Resistance tile is the one that matters for this setting.

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I have recalibrated successfully and trainer difficulty has disappeared

Hi @Johnny_Lighten_Kenda, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here. Thanks for sharing your concern with us.

As you probably know, The slider is only visible once you’ve paired a smart trainer as a “controllable trainer” in the pairing screen. What trainer do you use? The best way forward to fix this would be to contact us. My colleagues will be happy to provide you one-on-one assistance.


I have an elite zumo turbo trainer

Thanks for your response @Johnny_Lighten_Kenda. Have you checked if your trainer is in the latest firmware version?

I asked this because this type of issue is usually firmware-related. The firmware is software that physically manages the hardware because it is responsible for activating the different functions that make it possible for the computer to execute the commands to start the operating system properly.

For firmware updates.

Download Upgrado for Android or iOS.