Using a tacx flow smart as a classic trainer in zwift

Bit of a funny question - Im currently using broken tacx flow smart trainer until I can get a new one (it overheated and died). I’m using it as a classic trainer with a separate speed sensor temporarily, and just wondered which setting I should be putting this on when pairing in Zwift? Tacx have a few listed - any idea if any may be suitable please? It functions fine as a dumb trainer so any help would be appreciated!

I was using it as an unlisted trainer but I understand there are certain power limits on this. This isn’t the best time for my trainer to die! :joy:

cheers :

Mat - I am in exactly the same position. Have you had any luck with finding a good setting to use this on?

I cant believe the trainer has given up now when everything is out of stock!

Hi mate, not really. I feel like blue motion could be close but honestly, I’m not sure. It seems relatively accurate in game. You had any luck? Terrible timing isn’t it!

How long have you had it?

I’ve had one a month and it’s fine, except on the Alpe and radio tower/epic.

It seems more than 20 minutes spent over 300w causes it to overheat and shut down. I have to wait for 5 minutes before I can get it back again.

Similar problem?

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A few years so out of warranty - mine didn’t do anything like that at 300w.

You are not alone…got exactly the same problem. Except that mine holds 300 watts only for about 10 minutes.
Reducing the Trainer-Difficulty (Zwift-Settings) seems to help but only to e certain extend. Also it is a bit weird climbing Alpe du Zwift using the lowest gears ^^

I’ve emailed Tacx about it, no reply yet. Bought it off decathlon. I’d return it if we weren’t in quarantine and everything was out of stock.

Even if I did exchange it for another, I’d probably have the same problem. Might just change it under guarantee after all this ends and upgrade to a direct drive.

They take about 5 days to reply and then it’s not usually very useful!