Zwift Hub Trainer Behavior

Hi everybody,

I recently (April '23) bought a Zwift Hub trainer, after having spent 3 years on a Tacx Flux S Smart T2900S.

And I must say that I’m pretty disappointed.

First, the Zwift Hub does not properly work on apps other than Zwift (for instance Tacx Desktop App, where I have saved many workouts). Ok, I know that this is not really Zwift’s fault.

But when using it in Zwift, I found it quite disappointing. I used it at Alpe du Zwift and I found its behavior quite “jerky”. I mean, it’s like the home trainer is suddenly stuck when the slope rapidly changes (as it is sometimes the case on Alpe where the transition from 3% to 12% are rapid). The feeling is pretty irrealistic and anoying. The resistance control is clearly much less smooth than what I was used to on my Tacx trainer. FYI, I use the maximum difficulty resistance.

Other point, I found the watts quite different than what I was used to on Tacx. Of course, I calibrated the trainer (twice to be accurate) but I did not change anything.

Do you have some similar feedbacks or suggestions? To be honest, I’m about to sell it and go back to my good old Tacx Trainer…

Have you tried contacting support? It should work with most other apps (not sure about the Tacx app but should be compatible with most Zwift alternatives). And the resistance behavior might be a trainer fault or some other cause. Are you pairing it directly to Zwift or via Companion?

Thanks for your answer. I have not contacted them yet, I’ll do that, thanks.

I am pairing it directly to Zwift (bluetooth)

You should also try pairing via Companion to see if the resistance changes are any different. That would help rule out problems with Bluetooth communication to the device you’re running the game on. Assuming you are not on Apple TV, you can also upload a log file to and see if there are any Bluetooth issues appearing in the log.

The differences in measured Watts are hard to evaluate without a third source of power data, since it’s hard to know whether the Hub or the Tacx trainer is more accurate when you have only two sources.

You should contact Tacx, they restrict all other non Tacx trainers.

I also did, agree it’s not really smart since I would eventually also be interested by their premium version…