Erratic resitance changes

I have a Tacx Flux trainer using zwift and use it through my Apple TV of windows PC. Initialy over a year ago the pedal feedback due to changes in gradeint etc was smooth and consistent. However, for a good few months now the resistance feedback when getting harder or easier is very erratic and cluncky. It happens with both the Apple TV and the PC. It occurs pretty much for the entire ride, although most notable when there are changes in gradient and to some extent other reasons for such as drafting. Does anyome else have this issue and know a way to resolve it?

Do you calibrate your trainer regularly with the Tracx app and in Zwift ?
Beside of calibration I would recomment you to set the trainer difficulty in zwift at 50% or even lower. That makes your ride experience much smoother and it has no impact of your power output.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve only re-calibrated through Zwift, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Might try both this time and see how that goes.

Wasn’t aware of the trainer difficulty setting so will try that after the recalibration tip to see if it smooth things out.

Will update when I’ve tried both in next few days.

Tried all your tips and no luck. Even with the difficulty off from default 50% setting still get the jolty feedback just pedalling along. Had already sent message to Zwift and Tacx so will re-message again with the lastest.

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Did this ever get resolved? I’m having similar issues, tempted to go back to my dumb trainer and PM setup.

Hi, Yes all resolved, but had to chase Garmin who own Tacx. Took a while but eventually sent them a video of the issue and they just said it needs to be replaced and to return it for a replacement if less than two years old which it was. If more than two yeras old they wanted a bunch of details of the trainer so suspect they would have done something about it anyway. No reasoning, but obviously not easily repairable. Retailer was fine about the return with the supporting email thread and receipt etc.

Thanks for the reply, was hoping for a miracle technical fix, oh well. Was a second hand gift so no returns sadly.