Configuration with TACX Flow

(Javier Dominguez) #1



I have bought a TACX Flow and i am having some issues with zwift. I believe that its a configuration issue, so i would need a bit of support… It is a smart turbo trainer and it should be 100% compatible with it


The problem i have is that the speed that zwift is displaying is totally different to the speed in the gps.  Is there any way to make it match?


Second issue, and the big one… I dont think the power is being regulated correctly. In fact, when i am climbing the mountains, instead of increasing the power, the app decreases the speed


I think it could be related to pairing configuration. How should i exactly do that?


Should i pick power source, or speed sensor+classic trainer?

If i pick power source,  i have two options. The TACX trainer itself (trainer icon, or the power meter of the turbo trainer?

Thanks in advance

(Fabio Valentini) #2

Hi bro,

Sure that today I partecipate to my first workout with Zwift and I issued exactly the same problem.

As I see on the garmin 520, the speed is different (in less) from showed in Zwift ambience. The wattage is correct but the cadence hahahahhaha is doubled !! So I can go for 1h30m at 180/190 RPM.

I have Tacx flow mod. T2240, and for a little bit time (near 3 mins. all is dead, red light on the core caused me to stop race, reset the trainer and come back to race cause me to leave the group. I really hope don’t come anymore. I’ll change cadence sensor just for try. All software are last version.

Wait to understand from Tacx support.

(Mark Heydon (Porthcawl)) #3

Hi guys
You may need to update your brake software or calibrate it.
To do this you need to download and use the tacx apps.

My wife and I have been using the smart zoom for a couple of months now but no problems.

You will notice a difference thought in you speed when climbing between what’s shown on your bike computer and that displayed on Zwift. Remember, you’re not measuring like with like. Your speed on Zwift is relative to your power output abd the steepness of the slope you’re climbing and this will vary, depending on which gear you are in. Your bike computer is relative to the speed your wheels are turning.


Hey guys, just give a try: please hold OFF your Garmin,it’s not essential to have your Garmin Edge active during Zwift session, of course data are not the same on visual. All data you want to see are just well displayed on Zwift pc’s based page not? Try it, it may be a conflict between tha Garmin and the Tacx ant+ detection. So, let me know, thanks.