Problem with tacx flow

My Hi , I am using a tacx flow in my garage , been having various issue with racing . One minute I am hitting over 1000 watts and next struggling to hit 170 , I am putting this down to my vector 3s pedals so have decided to take them off . Did a race today ( b group upgraded due to my “ watts “ ) and guys in the d groups were flying past me . Even on the down hills /flats I was struggling to pedal . I have set my gradient set to 0 % and still was struggling. Half way through my ride I disabled my vector 3s pedals and set up my tacx as the watt and cadence but still no joy .
Getting really annoyed with my tacx as every ride seems totally different even when I recalibrate. Using ant+ as my set up on zwift , no Bluetooth running on my pc , just on my companion . Any thoughts , TIA

Hey Tony! I’m sorry that you’re still experiencing these issues in Zwift. I see that you’ve submitted a support ticket in the past, and if you start up another one, we’d be glad to look into this for you further.

In the meantime, it may help for you to check if your trainer needs a firmware update. Please take a look at our “Tacx Trainer​” article for links to the Tacx Utility app and further details.

Please calibrate your trainer after updating the firmware. Both of these actions can be performed in Tacx Utility app.

We hope to be hearing from you soon.

Ride On!

Hi ,
Do you not think I have done all that you have suggested . I sent a log file to zwift with my latest race results and I am still waiting to hear from zwift .

I’m sorry about that. I searched log files sent to us and I did find the one you sent. I appreciate the time you took in sending it, but it is a short file that doesn’t give enough information on why you’re experiencing the problem. However, if you start up a support ticket with us, we would be glad to look into this further for you.

I’m sorry for the delay and look forward to hearing back.

Ride On!

Zwift member [ ] has sent you the attached files
Once again my race had drops outs . I am now convinced it’s my garmin pedals , when I get a drop out I turn my pedals backwards and the boot up again . Are you able to see this , can you email me back please .

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