Low cadence Tacx

I have a Tacx Flow. I have had it 4 mths. It randomly stopped at times where my watts went to 0. I had to stop pedalling and start pedalling again. That usually fixed it.

Then I started having issues with cadence where watts seemed normal but cadence rediculously low eg 20-50.

I have latest firmware and have reinstalled zwift. I’ve also used the Tacx utility to reset the Tacx flow again. Any ideas please? It’s really sapping there fun out of zwift

Tell us more details on your setup, e.g. what sort of system is running Zwift, how you’re connecting (ANT+/BT) etc.

Cadence being inaccurate isn’t too concerning because it can often be so when putting out higher power at lower cadence (e.g. climbing). But power going to zero clearly isn’t right if you’re still pedalling.

I assume you’ve carefully followed the setup instructions as to tyre pressure, roller tensioning etc.

I also found cadence would flicker. It might say 53 and then every now and then flicker to 90. Thanks!!

I know the cadence was wrong as I’ve been riding a bit and it was about half what it should have been.