Tacx flux cadence issue

Hi all, last 3 rides on Zwift my cadence is maxing out at 67 mid way through ride, even though I know I am still around 80+ for the effort.Anyone had this and know what the issue is?

I have been experiencing the same issues… Did you resolve it?

No, not resolved. I have been doing a training prog on ERG mode so it happens less often, as no real gear changing involved. Only solution is unplug and restart

Know this is not a solution to the issue, nor even a diagnosis of the problem, but (as I understand it) the cadence measured by your trainer is an approximation (guess) as the trainer doesn’t know the gear ratio you are using at any point in time and hence doesn’t know your exact cadence.

I switched to using a stand alone ANT+ Garmin cadence sensor (mounted to the LHS crank) for a more reliable cadence reading.

Again, appreciate that the above doesn’t directly address the issue you are experiencing.