Cadence low on hills

my cadence reading is invariably low, and lags any change…
using Tacx Flux 2; Garmin cadence meter; zwift via iPad

reading other posts i’m having a similar issue of the cadence possibly being predicted by Zwift (rather than read from meter) in response to change of resistance, possible hill on zwift and change in power/resistance felt at pedal…is there a way to have cadence read independent of terrain/power? i’ve read a number (but not all the threads) and it seems that everyone has the same issue, but i don’t see any answers/fixes…

my only issue that i perceive is that the Garmin cadence is a ANT+, Tacx is ANT+/wifi/BT, but the iPad is only BT/wifi… so the “cadence” is read by Zwift via Tacx trainer, not a direct connection from the garmin cadence to the IPAD…

I doubt that the Tacx actually use your Garmin sensor, these trainers typically don’t bridge ant+ to Bluetooth.

So the cadence you see is the cadence calculated but the Tacx Flux, the flux does not have a cadence sensor it calculate (estimate) you cadence based on spikes in your power readings.


thanks. i suspect it was calculated. any sensor that zwift would read independent of the trainer/power unit?

Wahoo do a bluetooth cadence sensor I believe.

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