Low cadence in workout

Hi, I’m not getting an accurate cadence reading on my workouts. I’m using a Tacx flow roller with up to date firmware, connected via Bluetooth, and a Mac laptop with Apple Watch and the companion app to bridge the heat monitor.
Power and resistance on erg mode seems fine. But cadence maintains an average of 65rpm regardless of how fast I’m peddling. Even worse, when hitting a virtual uphill, it drops to 1rpm. The resistance and power is not effected.
Any ideas on how to fix this or what might be causing it.

How are you connecting your cadence sensor? Is it showing as Paired on the Pairing screen?

Hi Dean, the cadence sensor is built into the Tacx flow smart trainer. It shows as connected on screen in Zwift app on MacBook.
Not had this problem before and it persists using other devices (iPad, Apple TV, ect).
Thanks for the reply.

Apologies, great feature for a wheel-on which I hadn’t realised!

Built in cadence measured by assessing regular power spikes can be hit and miss if you have a smooth stroke or in this case I suspect ERG mode of workouts is smoothing the peddling stroke too much. My Kickrs do the same so I use external cadence sensor for that.

As an fyi, cadence is cosmetic in Zwift. Some workouts tell you to spin faster/slower etc but they dont impact speed/power, but still, can get why you would want it correct.

Checkout this article which references TrainerRoad suggestions for ERG workouts - may help.

That’s great. Much appreciated, I’ll check out the article now. Thanks again for getting back to me so swiftly.

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I’ve never had much luck with the cadence signal from trainers, I use either my powermeter cranks or a cadence sensor, depending on what bike I’m using.