Cadence error w/ Tacx Flow

I recently bought a Tacx Flow. It has been calibrated and everything seems to work fine except the cadence when I’m in the lower gears. It seems accurate in the mid-upper to upper gears, but in the lower gears the cadence will jump around randomly from the 20’s to the 50’s when I know it should be reading between 60 and 70. My power in watts seems to be unaffected by this and seems accurate.

Any thoughts?


I remember I had the same issue when I first started to use my Tacx. Can’t remember how I solved it.
Are you using BT or ANT+?

David, thanks for your reply.



It your Tacx is well calibrated, I think it worth trying to use ANT+ rather than BT. A cable and dongle cost about 20€ and it usually fix a lot of issues.

Thanks David, I will give that a try.