Cadence doubles when low power / watts

I am using Zwift in combination with a Tacx NEO

Everything is working very fine except one thing, the cadence value goes very high (+/- doubles) when I am riding at low power zones. For me < 100-120W.

It’s just annoying because Zwift keeps telling me to lower my cadence and I know that the cadence is really good at that time :wink:

Is this an known issue ?

I am connecting with ANT+ : heart rate separately, power/cadence from Tacx NEO

Hi @Rocha

Welcome to the forums.

Getting cadence from the trainer can be hit or miss. The trainer calculate the interval between peaks to determine cadence.

Is your advice in that case to use an external cadence sensor @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ ?

If you keep having issues than that will be a solution.