TACX satori smart, can't connect via BT


I have a problem with pairing Zwift Windows application + Zwift companion Android application with my TACX satori smart trainer via Bluetooth. In my windows app I can see only empty search box, in my android app something like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8INmM1dCvvaallaWlJjWDdYcC1OOW5Wd1NMejRIcV9vRE5v/view?usp=sharing

I parallel I downloaded Zwift app for Android (Unreleased one), and, what is weird, I can connect my satori smart trainer without any problem.

I can also connect to my trainer from Wahoo ELEMNT, but I believe this is done via ANT, so this infomation might be useless.


You will have better results using ANT+ on the Windows PC for connecting the trainer to Zwift. all you need is a USB extension and ANT+ dongle.

To connect the trainer to a Windows PC you need to use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the Bluetooth signal.