Tacx / ant+ connectivity issues

Hi! First of all - I did do a proper research and troubleshooting prior to writing this post and I could not find the solution.
I have the following issue: i have a bit older tacx, that I can easily connect to tacx software via a tacx ant+ dongle. All works with Tacx software, but not with Zwift. I close down the Tacx software, see the ant+ symbol within Zwift (so Zwift recognises the dongle), however I see no tacx trainer device there. The trainer is from 2012 (i think so) and does not have bluetooth (as I cannot see it either on my phone, nor on the laptop). I’m running Win 10 and I think there is simply some kind of an issue within Win that does not allow for communications on USB dongle for Zwift but does allow for comms in Tacx. I suspect some changes are needed in win registry. Do you have any suggestions?
Cheers to all and thank you for your support!

Can you post the model of the trainer

Hi! It’s tacx genius smart from 2012

I don’t think that one is supported, if I remember right it uses an older or proprietary ANT signal. I believe you may have to contact Tacx to see if there is a firmware update for it.

Here is a link to supported hardware: https://zwift.com/hardware

That explains a few things…
I’m in contact with Tacx to get a firmware update as well. Will inform once I get to a conclusion!

Thank u!