Trainer not connecting

Hi. I have a Genius bought in 2013. The connection is ANT+. I hear from Garmin and Zwift that I have to use Zwift as the Tacx app only can communicate with Bluetooth. The problem is that the Zwift app will not find the Genius trainer. I have followed the advice from the Zwift support but still it cannot find the trainer. Anyone that can Help.

On what device are you running Zwift?

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Laptop Lenovo

@Paul_Erik_Hattestad Information is sparse and I do not know if you have posted previously…let us start with the basics:
Ant+ requires a usb dongle…do you have?

BlueTooth: How old is your laptop? You should be able to run BT apps on your laptop…I do. My Lenovo is 2.5 years old and have very little trouble with BT. The trick is that the trainer cannot be connected to anything else…disconnect from phone/tablet/laptop/etc…only connect through Zwift or the Tacx app (I have never used Tacx app and am assuming it works the same as Zwift).

If your laptop does not have BT built in…you can get a dongle. I have this one on a desktop and it works great:

BT can only connect to one device (some newer ones claim 2 but I do not know what those devices might be) so it must be free and clear to connect. Ant+ is more forgiving and connect to multiple devices…be careful of what you use to Control the trainer.

Hope this helps…

I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon and a Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer 3.0 Trainer which connects via ANT+. I have the USB stick T2018 and a new USB ANT+ Dongle. I get both devices up in Device manager. But I am not bable to connect to the Genius Trainer. I am searching on all the possibilities on the Zwift app but no trainer is discovered. Can anyone tell me what to do.
Br Paul Erik

I did a bit more digging…That unit has many Ant+ communication issues and was designed prior to Zwift. You can try digging through the last few comments of this review for paths forward: Tacx Genius Trainer In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

You might check with TACX forums to see if you can get help.

Only other suggestion I have is to try and update Ant+ drivers via Windows Update Advanced Options.