tacx genius multiplayer t2020?

Does zwift work with this trainer??

Yes :slight_smile:

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No, i do not think so paula

Well, mine - actually, my husbands - does - what exactly is not working with yours then?

Zwift could not connect to the trainer! Searching for it, but not found it!

Which Ant+ dongle are you using? Does it connect okay to Tacx Trainer Software? You should see the Ant+ icon active (top left corner, so not showing an exclamation mark through it) when in pair mode and you should search using the “controllable trainer” (bottom right corner) button. See http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/ 

Zwift found my heartbelt and my stage crank arm but not the trainer!

Well, I’m not much of an expert, but if it found your Stages power meter, you’re good to go anyway, because all Zwift looks at, is your power (output), either form a power meter, or from the calculated power curve of a smart trainer… At any rate, I think you cannot use both at the same time - see https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204587825-How-to-Start-Riding-in-Zwift - At this point, you will pair your smart trainer, your speed/cadence sensor, or your power meter. If you have both a power meter and a smart trainer, you will have to pick one or the other for Zwift to read from.

That means, if you insist on using your Genius - but there’s no added value to that, as it will be controlled by Zwift anyway - you would have to unpair the Stages and then click the “controllable trainer” again - you should note the ID of your Stages, b/c I don’t know if it’s uniquely identified, or just by a numer. My Genius has 5305 as an ID, but my Vortex has 17978. It can be a bit tricky and/or confusing to pick the right device…

If your tacx trainer isn’t smart then it will not be found by Zwift, since the I-Genius hasn’t got the F-EC protocol.

Well, that could be the issue then. Like I said, probably/definitely not much of an expert :slight_smile: I assumed that just the Ant+ protocol was enough, as my iGenius is working fine. However, I had the brake replaced not long ago, for the “smart” model, through the Tacx upgrade program (will cost some 185 Euros). I just did that to make it Bluetooth, so I can also use it with smart phone and/or tablet - didn’t realize that the added bonus of FE-C was good for Zwift too, as I hadn’t used that before - I was on Zwift during beta, but it was a mess and now I (may) know why :slight_smile: Anyway, is my assumption that Johan is good to go, as he has a Stages power meter / crank, correct or not?

FYI: a link to the upgrade program - currently, batch 2 is full, but there will be another one - you may not find it worth the money, but anyway…