New to Zwift. Question about setup

(Brett Abney 6032) #1

I’m new to Zwift and have been a little confused about the setup.  Here is my equipment

Tacx Vortex 2180 SmartTrainer

Garmin Ant+ HeartRate Monitor

Gamin Ant+ Cadence Sensor

MacBook Pro with Garmin USB Ant + running Zwift app


My trainer is a smart controllable trainer so that is the category I would expect to pair it under but it also shows up under power and speed+classic trainer. Does it need to be paired under any other category other than controllable trainers?  I have noticed when I open the app it sees my trainer in the controllable trainer category but it will not allow me to click OK to move foward to next screen.  I have to hit escape to be able to pick workout or course.  Then once I start riding my trainer doesn’t seem to be recognized.  I then have to exit race, unpair my trainer, repair trainer, and then go back into race to get it to work.  This process seems to work reliably but is obviously not how its supposed to work.  Can anyone shed some light on these issues?



(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hey Brett - 

The controllable trainer catagory only works to tell zwift that a smart trainer is equipped and deals with the resistance control for the trainer. The power catagory gives Zwift the actual data that moves your avatar in the game. You should pair your Tacx in both the Controllable Trainer and Power catagory, don’t worry about the speed catagory. Once you have your Tacx paired in Power, you will be able to use the OK button on the pairing screen and continue into the game normally. Following that, your pairing screen options should be remembered for future rides and pair automatically when you launch, provided all the devices are awake and transmitting signals.

Hope this helped!

(Brett Abney 6032) #3

Makes sense.  I used it last night with this configuration and it seem to work just fine.  Thanks for response. 

(Jenni Lynne) #4

Hello Brett,

I just bought the same equipment as you listed. I can not get the Heart rate monitor to be recognized by Zwift. Is there anything you had to do for this? 

I also use a Garmin 910XT watch so not sur if this complicates the setup?


Thanks for any advice.