Tacx speed sensor not working/unable to pick up as power source

Apologies if I’ve not posted this in the correct part of the forum. I’m having a few issues getting my blue matic turbo trainer set up on zwift. First, the speed and cadence sensor pair up just fine on the Zwift app, and it recognises my RPM however it doesn’t register my speed and to that end i can’t actually move my avatar.

The next issue is that while the zwift app picks up my S&C sensor, it doesn’t pick up the trainer as a power source or controllable.

Any help appreciated.

Which Tacx Trainer?

If it is a Smart trainer you would connect the cadence sensor and then the trainer as a power source and (if supported) as a controllable trainer. Do not connect the speed sensor if the trainer is Smart (broadcast power).

Hi Harry,

I have a Tacx Smart Flow and I sometimes experience similar issues - Zwift will sometimes connect to my trainer for power or cadence but not the other. Also, if I stop pedalling in a ride, sometimes all connections fail.
I’ve found that clicking each “search” button on the pairing screen sometimes helps Zwift find the trainer, and this has also sometimes highlighted that signal strength was poor, so I needed to move my computer closer to my trainer to get it to pair.

On the “controllable” pairing, I’m sorry to say but my understanding is that the Blue Matic trainer is not a controllable trainer and that resistance can only be changed manually via its remote control.

I almost bought one myself, until I managed to find a second hand Smart Flow on Facebook marketplace for roughly the same price as a Blue Matic.

Thanks both, thats good to know on the controllable front. I’m still having the same issue with pairing the trainer as a power source. Any suggestions?

I have a Tacx Neo 2 and I was having issues with connection and the tacx picking up the cadence sensor…I firstly turned off the Bluetooth and I only use the Ant+ and it works fine now. I was however still having incorrect cadence issues. I have 170 cranks and ride xs frame, it’s appears that on some frames
( Garmin informed me of this) the cranks don’t pass the sensor on the Tacx fully, thus cadence reading problems. To fix this they send me a piece of metal fixes the my left cranks and extends and passes the sensor when pedalling…everything works now :+1: