Using smart trainer along with Garmin cadence/speed sensor

(Chris Leather) #1

Just wondering how I know if Zwift is using the cadence from my trainer (Tacx Bushido) or my Garmin speed / cadence sensor?

Both are paired to Zwift.


(Matt Canna) #2

Just go to pairing menu, it should show controllable trainer in the power meter box, then just unpair the speed sensor.

(Chris Leather) #3

Thanks Matt. What I wanted though was the cadence from the Garmin and the power from the Tacx.

(Matt Canna) #4

Yeah, your tacx will show as power meter in the pairing.

Go to cadence, and pair the gsc-10


(Chris Leather) #5

Ah OK. Will try later


(Mark Hewitt) #6

Look at the controllable trainer part and the pairing with have an ANT+ number ,12345 or something. 


Then look at the cadence pairing screen, you should see the Bushido cadence which will have the same number as your trainer, pick the one with the different number, that’ll be your garmin cadence sensor.


(Chris Leather) #7

Thanks Mark. That seemed to do it.

(Sven Sajet) #8

Is there any reason why you would prefer an external speed/cadence sensor (like gsc-10) then the build in speed/cadence from the trainer? Curious.

(Matt Canna) #9

well cadence from gsc-10 is generally more accurate than that of the smart trainer.


The tacx bushido uses an algorythmn based upon power and acceleramators.  The gsc-10 uses a magnet and magnet switch.

(Chris Leather) #10

Like Matt says - the cadence from the Garmin is your actual cadence - nothing calculated so should be 100% accurate.

And as it is already on the bike…

(Bruce Rees) #11

I have a Tacx Vortex smart trainer and I’ve just added a Garmin magnet-less cadence sensor because the cadence value from the trainer is really weird, it’s only correct in particular gears and can be as much as 30-40 rpm out (I also have a little catseye computer on the bike which how I know)…

I guess it doesn’t matter that much but it’s an OCD thing :stuck_out_tongue:




(Krzysztof Piekos WBR (C) [TeamPL]) #12

I am having similar issue with Tacx Vortex Smart, that for some gears , Zwift calculated cadens shows around 40-50 rpm, while it is really around 70-80rpm. I also plan to add Garmin cadence sensor. I understand that you had no issue with the one from Garmin when using with Vortex Smart trainer?