TACX Vortex Smart - need to re-pair every time I launch Zwift

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using my new Vortex Smart for about a week now and loving the feel of it. I do have one annoyance though.

Every time I launch Zwift I have to re-search for the trainer under Controllable Trainer. It always detects as a ANT+ Trainer but never  stores it.  It also over-rides my Wahoo speed/cadence sensor so I need to unpair the trainer as the cadence sensor and re-pair the Wahoo SC.  My TICKR-X HR monitor always stays remembered.

Its not a massive deal and only takes a minute to set up, but when I was using the dumb CycleOps Mag it remembered all of my devices.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or have I uncovered a bug?



I have to keep re-pairing my Kickr as well.  Sometimes i have to re-pair my Powermeter and set the cadence as well.  So maybe its more widespread.

Same with my Bushido. I’ve heard comments it’s due to the wireless nature of the unit only coming on when you pedal, but Zwift has no trouble detecting the power meter and cadence sensor in the trainer but I have to select the controllable trainer part each time.

Same with my Vortex, exact same issues as OP

Tacx Neo here. Only thing being remembered is my Garmin HRM. Is there anybody for whom it does actually remember the trainer? 

Bkool Classic here - need to re-pair every time too. Remembers the HRM though.

Generally speaking, Zwift remembers power meter and HRM for me. I do have to re-pair my Vortex Smart every time though. In another thread on here a Zwift official comment said they were aware of the problem and the fix was coming.

The Bushido is a bit more thorny of an issue though. The Vortex is a plugged-in unit so it’s always on (assuming power is applied). Thus, when Zwift starts, it should be ready and waiting. The Bushido is only powered when pedaling. Zwift has stated that they are looking into the best way to deal with it but there doesn’t seem to be a clean way to do it. I don’t think they’ve settled on a solution yet.

i also have to repair my Vortex Smart everytime

+1 on the Bushido Smart. I thought it was normal.

Eliminating that step would great!

Doug B.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer (T2180) here… With the latest Zwift build running on Mac running OS X 10.10.5, the system now remembers my equipment from ride-to-ride.  It didn’t until this last build.  Keeps HR monitor as well.

No issues with the Vortex Smart detection anymore since last update. However, Garmin GSC10 is still not remembered.

I also can confirm that the trainer is now being remembered.  Only thing its not  maintaining is my Wahoo SC sensor.  I still need to repair that each time.

My Vortex is also being remembered now.

I also have the same issue with my Wahoo SC sensor - it’s the only thing not being remembered.