Tacx Vortex Zwift and bluetooth

I am new to Zwift and was initially using a dumb trainer with speed, cadence and hr sensors. I successfully got this to work connected to my windows 10 pc by using the android companion app. Frustratingly i could not get any of these sensors to connect over bluetooth directly to the pc.

I enjoyed using Zwift this way but i have recently purchased a Tacx Vortex smart trainer. My god the frustration this has caused. Windows 10 does not see the vortex using windows bluetooth. I can sometimes pair it successfully with the companion app, i dont how or what i do differently but most of the time it will pair the vortex as a power meter and cadence sensor but will not see the vortex as a programmable trainer!

If i use Zwift on my phone it will pair the Vortex successfully, but i dont want to ride looking at my phone screen. What is it with Zwift and bluetooth? why is it so difficult? If i use the Tacx windows app it will pair the Vortex using windows bluetooth and work perfectly. I have read several other posts of people with similar issues with a Vortex and other trainers using bluetooth, will an Ant+ usb dongle be the answer? If anybody has any tips or advice i would be very grateful.

As it stands i have spent more time messing around getting it to connect with bluetooth than riding it. I was tempted to look at other software but i like the social side of Zwift.

In my experience YES.

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Thanks, i think i will order an Ant+ dongle, i can at least give it a try. I am amazed there seems to be so many bluetooth issues with Zwift. Its not like its a new technology!

I personally think Bluetooth on a pc is only good for music. ANT+ was developed for training data transmission and it does a very good at that.

An update regarding my bluetooth issues. I have ordered an Ant+ usb dongle but its not arrived yet. I also purchased a cheap (£2) bluetooth 4 usb dongle from ebay. The new bluetooth dongle works perfectly No more disconnections. The pc picks up the vortex, my cadence sensor and hr monitor 1st time everytime.

I had tried with 2 different bluetooth 4 adapters before with no success but this cheap and cheerful one works great. I will give the Ant+ a go but as it stands i am now very happy. No more pairing frustrations or annoying disconnections every ride :smiley::bike:

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Hi, may I ask do you now have a connection with the vortex directly from a pc via bluetooth without using the swift companion app on a phone/table?


Yes. I have a connection direct from the pc to the vortex using Bluetooth.

I did get the ant+ dongle too but found Bluetooth to be better because the range is greater. I have rode for several hours using Bluetooth with no dropouts or connection issues of any kind. Bluetooth has been perfect.

Nice, do you have a link to the type of bluetooth dongle you purchased?

Thanks again!

This is the one i got. I even got another as a spare because it works and was so cheap.

bluetooth link

I hope it works equally as good for you.
I did also get the anself ANT+ dongle which does also work perfectly with the vortex but i found i needed to use a usb extension cable.

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