Unable pair Zwift with PC

I am unable to pair Tacx Vortex with Zwift. My laptop runs on Windows 10 and I have successfully used Tacx Training App on the same PC. Bluetooth setting shows the PC is paired with the trainer (see attached image). Any advise?


Is the Bluetooth on the PC 4.0 or above?

You could use the ZCA to bridge the signal if needed.

That’s your issue. You need to unpair the Vortex from your PC’s Bluetooth interface.

When you start up Zwift on your PC the program itself pairs with your trainer. If you’ve already paired the Vortex with your PC prior to launching Zwift your trainer won’t pair with the program.

Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply. Yes Bluetooth in my PC is version 4.0 (see attached image).
LMP 6 = Bluetooth 4.0

Yep, I agree with @_Pedals I guess i missed that you have the trainer paired to the PC and that is preventing it from connecting to Zwift. The trainer should not be connected to ANYTHING before opening Zwift, Bluetooth can only connect to one device or app at a time.

I ‘removed’ the device from the bluetooth setting. Still no success. The attached image shows both the windows setting and the Zwift connection status.

If you have a phone or tablet that can run the ZCA use that to bridge the signal, or a better option is an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension cable.

For Zwift running on your PC to pick up your trainer, you should be able to ‘see’ it under ‘other devices’ on the Windows Bluetooth settings page. Seeing it is good, just don’t pair it there.

Your pic is hiding the Zwift pairing page but I do see a warning on your Bluetooth icon.

Give this a whirl

reboot PC,
activate/wake up trainer,
verify you can see it in Windows but don’t pair it,
Launch Zwift and pair it in there. If you still have a yellow warning triangle on the Bluetooth Icon on the pairing screen something is up with your PC Bluetooth connection.

No luck. Looks like the ANT+ USB receiver is the only option. I am just puzzled that Tacx Trainer app can connect but not the others.

I connected my laptop (win 10) with my Tacx Neo, but needed to use Zwift Companion app on my IPhone as bridge, since there was no support for native BT.

However last year Zwift released a beta version with bluetooth access on windows, but I think it’s lacking some functionality: https://www.smartbiketrainers.com/zwift-releases-new-achievment-levels-and-bluetooth-support-for-windows-6633.

Anyway, if you want to use native BT, you have to make a choice in the Zwift menu, otherwise I think you need to use the ZCA.

I am having the same issue, looks like I may have to use the dongle too.

Thank all. Zwift Companion App (ZCA) worked mirroring the phone screen to PC. It is currently the only way to connect Vortex with PC without ANT+ dongle.

See my response in following thread:

Apparently Zwift has a buggy, or to be more kind specific, implementation of Bluetooth on Windows. I had no problems using any other apps, only Zwift was showing problem with Bluetooth. So I recommend taking this issue to Zwift as a complaint.