Cadence/Speed Senor

Much like the login screen keeping us logged in request.

I would like the Device screen to “keep” my cadence/speed sensor like it does the Kickr Snap and my HR monitor.

I always have to “search” for cadence/speed and there it is waiting for me to choose it EVERY ride - sigh…

That’s odd. For me, my HR monitor and power meter is always there (with cadence) but I have to search for my Tacx Vortex trainer every time.

Well… the interface is a little, you know, sparse and poorly implemented - LOL.

I’m sorry you’re having issues, Eric. What brand cadence sensor are you using? We have several different brands we test against here, and we haven’t seen an issue where they aren’t being remembered and auto-paired in Zwift. There can be a delay, however, if the sensor has gone to sleep. Zwift can’t auto-pair to a device that isn’t broadcasting.

And to Noel, we do have an issue with Tacx trainers not auto-pairing like other remembered devices. It is on our fix list. :slight_smile:

Hey Lindsay - It is the ANT+ CycleOps sensor. It for sure is not an issue with the unit sleeping. Of course it can auto pair a unit that isn’t broadcasting. Both the Kickr and my Wahoo HR monitor are “saved” in the pairing menu. When I “activate” them they are paired, and are shown as paired.

So to test this, I pedal the bike, spin the Kickr, and put on the HR before starting Zwift. The HR and trainer are paired and ready to go.

I have to click on the pair device, and then click on the sc sensor which is always right there in the device choice menu.

But I have to choose it each time.

There is no delay - and I don’t have trouble with Zwift ever finding it. It is always there in the second level menu.

This is not an issue in either TrainerRoad, Wahoo Fitness, CycleOps, or my Polar V800.

Thank you for checking up on this - I think your support is really great and responsive!!


Thanks for the great information, Eric!

We do have a CycleOps sensor here in the office, so I’ll make sure we test for this issue as soon as I can locate it. It sounds like it is specific to that sensor. We’ll work on getting a fix in for it. 

Ride on!

Great news, Eric!

You’ll see your cadence device auto-pair after the next update. See you on the road!

Hey there Lindsay - you guys rock. I think Zwift will win the virtual training wars. I keep looking for to my rides! I will try tomorrow. We had a rough week this week.