Device Pairing

I noticed during my last ride that the Cadence was greyed out and showing VRPM. I finished the ride and logged back in again to access the device pairing screen. The Kickr and Heart Rate were connected as was the speed and cadence. Now I notice that you should pair either your Kickr OR Speed. I had only initially paired my Cadence sensor (it is a combined Garmin Ant+ Speed/Cadence sensor), however Zwift auto paired the Speed element as well. I have unpaired the Speed Sensor (which unpaired the Speed and Cadence) and re-paired the Cadence. Now the Cadence shows solid black and RPM instead of VRPM.
Is this going to be an issue everytime I login?

Also, for my thread on Beta Feedback (a few posts below) I added some extra thoughts, thinking it would be treated as a conversation. Those weren’t addressed!!

1hr 50mins on the Island this morning and a KOM for jersey for 8 laps of that. Who would have thought time spent indoor training would pass so quickly. Good work!

I have the same set up. No it shouldn’t be an issue every time. Though I have had to occasionally re-pair the GSC10. Doesn’t get me too uptight. It’s easy to do.