Zwift Not Connecting with Tacx Bushido for Power (After Recent Update)

Previously Zwift connected (via the iPhone App and BLE) to my Tacx Bushido trainer both for power and as a controllable trainer.

Upon the most recent update, however, the app will not only allow me to connect to my Bushido under the controllable trainer category. It will not connect to sense power from my Bushido.

Thus I cannot ride in Zwift since it requires me to either have a power meter or a classic trainer.

Any ideas on how this could be resolved or what the issue might be.


+1 similar problem on Tacx Neo here since the last update.

except I CAN connect as Controllable Trainer,  just not the Power. 

going to open a ticket.

+1 same symptoms with Tracx Flow, was all working fine before the update.

I 've this problem too with Tacx Neo. Connecting to cadence and controllable Trainer is possible. Zwift can’t find my Neo trainer as power/ smart trainer. I’m not using ANT+ dongle, just bluetooth. It worked great before till now. Any solution?

I have the same problem after actualization with my Tacx Smart Bushido + BLE via mobile link for iPhone.

ditto with my Tacx Vortex via bluetooth. I don’t have an Ant+ dongle so will need to await the update!


+1 with my Tacx Vortex Smart

Edit: Cannot connect as Power, but its found under other settings. Basically unusable as of now. fix this plz.

Has this been remedied yet? Also having the same problem with Tacx Flow since updating. Using a MacBook Pro. I haven’t ridden for a week now!

Shaun, as you may have surmised, the answer seems to be No.

I would suggest opening a ticket if you have not already…

This forum is great, but as in most things IT, I imagine Zwift Support being able to report that x00 ticked off Tacx users have an open ticket just might get the message and urgency across to the product development team.  Who cares if you get iOS out the door, if half your trainer market can’t USE it ?

There’s another thread you can follow along here which I believe is related.:

In the meantime everyone is running out and buying ANT sticks, which won’t work for me because I mirror the display from my Mac downstairs with AirPlay… I don’t think ANT will transmit through the floor very well!  So in addition to an ANT stick, I’d have to also buy a ~60ft USB extension?  which would be a complete and utter bodge, and a waste of money once Zwift fix the issue.  Or I turn off, unplug and drag my personal computer down to the pain cave and back up… every day.  C’mon!!!  If they at least put some of us on the iOS beta then we’d get through.

I hope Zwift are planning to give a rebate for the month* 

because we paid to use Zwift, and … we can’t use it.  :-(

(*and some free stickers!) 


問い合わせ内容と一致しているか不安ですが、PCクライアントソフトのバージョンアップ後からTacx Bushido smart とMobile Link(iOS)を認識はしますが、スマートローラーではなく、クラシックローラーとして認識しケイデンスは認識しているようです。

More important then a fix is communication about the issue. In the first place proactive communication. Second: keep customers updated. So they don’t have to look/search every day for an update or fix. In what way is Zwift keeping us up to date about this?

Second the above. Come on Zwift, even aknowledgment of the problem would be nice! Mine still isn’t working. Logged a ticket and I have submitted my logs but haven’t heard anything!

Have the same issue with a Tacx Neo. Logged a ticket 2 days ago and had a response  that it was the top issue they are working on and hoped to have a fix ‘early this week’. Nothing yet. 

Same. Tacx Bushido connects then drops off after ten minutes. No LEDs flashing on trainer either. Fix please